Improve Daily Life

If you are losing sight, there are some simple things you can do on your own to improve your ability to see. Even something as simple as improving your lighting can make a difference. Don’t become discouraged! There are devices and techniques for everything from reading to cooking to watching sports on TV. You may have to stop driving at some point, but for everything else, there is a solution.

Millions of people have macular degeneration and millions of them continue to do everything they always did. Because you never become blind with AMD, there is always sight available if you know how to use it. There are people who can teach you.

The peripheral vision you have can be used very effectively. The three major things to consider are: Lighting, Magnification and Contrast. You’ll find more information here about those topics and more.


You’ve probably noticed already that you see better in some lighting situations than others. Just changing a bulb may make a difference.

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If you already use a computer, remember that you can adapt the computer to your needs. If you don’t use a computer, but want to start, now may be the time. Here are some tips.

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Many people who lose vision go through a short period of mild depression as they grieve their loss and adjust their lives. But many others experience prolonged periods of depression that are unhealthy for the body and spirit. We know a great deal more about depression than we did twenty or thirty years ago. We know that it’s not a sign of weakness, laziness or moral failure. We know that depression happens to people who have no other psychological difficulties. We know that depression can happen to you later in life even if you’ve never been depressed before. And we know that depression is very common among people with low vision. There is nothing shameful about it, but there is something very tragic about living with depression without getting help.

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This issue is a particularly sensitive one for seniors who also have macular degeneration or other conditions that impair their vision. Driving means independence and most people want to hold on to their cars as long as possible. When is it time to stop?

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