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If someone near to you has been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), it affects you as well as that person. Whatever your relationship, this is the place for you to find what will make both of your lives easier.

The person with AMD has their own journey. It is your journey that starts here. Understand….Advocate…Help…and take care of yourself as well!


Learn what you need to know about how AMD affects the person who has it. How does he see? What can he do? How is she likely to be feeling?


In the current healthcare environment, it is essential to have an advocate on your side. The person dealing with a health issue is focused on the experience. You can help by being there to gather information, ask questions and make sure the patient gets what is needed.


Does Dad need my help walking outside? Can my Mom see what she’s doing at the stove? What kind of help does my neighbor want? How do I help without making her embarrassed? Where can you go for more help? Vision Rehabilitation, independent life skills, support groups? Resources for transportation and social connections?

Sighted Guide Techniques

Interested in being a Sighted Guide? Learn these simple tips and techniques to help make both of your lives easier.

The Gifts of Caregiving

There are many gifts you can receive as a Caregiver.

And remember, we are as close as an email or phone call away!




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