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PAN Foundation Print E-mail
The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation is dedicated to providing help and hope to underinsured patients who would otherwise be unable to afford high-cost specialty medications. PAN provides assistance through nearly 60 disease-specific programs designed to help patients being treated for certain cancers, rare diseases and chronic illnesses - such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration. For more information, visit
The Amsler Grid Print E-mail
Share Share The first line of defense for macular degeneration is awareness. A simple test of your vision will alert you to any changes that may indicate a problem with macular degeneration or a worsening of your condition. This common test is known as the Amsler Grid.
Tests your doctor might use Print E-mail
Share Share The diagnosis of AMD is usually made when an ophthalmologist or optometrist, examining a patient, sees abnormalities that suggest possible AMD. These may be protein deposits on the retina, called drusen, or the presence of abnormal blood vessels or leakage. You will then be referred to a retinal specialist. In order to see more clearly what is taking place in the retina, the specialist may perform one or several photographic tests to see more clearly what is happening in your retina.
Finding Quality Health Information Online Print E-mail
Share Share According to The Harris Poll, 70 million Americans went online between June 1998 and June 1999 looking for health information.* With more than 20,000 Web sites dedicated to nearly every conceivable health subject, you must ask how reliable is the information?
Books that may help Print E-mail
Share Share Here are some of the better books we have reviewed. They include a wealth of information about Macular Degeneration:
Links that may help Print E-mail
Share Share Here are some sites we like and felt would be useful to you:
Finding a Specialist near you Print E-mail
Share Share Here are several web resources that can help you find a vision specialist in your area:

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