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Radiation Therapy Mixed Results

Mixed results were reported from a small study conducted to determine if radiation therapy could reduce the number of injections needed for people with wet AMD. The burden of monthly injections of Lucentis or Avastin can become a problem for older patients, both financially and logistically. Even Eylea, given every 8 weeks, can put a strain on both patients and doctors.

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Autologous Transplant for Wet AMD

Researchers have tried several different transplant ideas in an attempt to restore vision in those with macular degeneration. None has worked very well.

Now, researchers in Italy are reporting some hope from a technique that uses retinal tissue from the patients own eye. They replaced the damaged layer under the central retina with a healthy patch of the same layer of cells, gathered from a location farther away from the center of the macula.

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Calcium Supplements and Macular Degeneration

Did you see the headlines? ”Calcium Supplements Tied to Macular Degeneration”. Did that make you rethink your daily pills?

As usual, the headlines don’t tell the whole story.
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Financial Aid For AMD Injections

The standard treatment is for wet macular degeneration involves repeated injections into the eye.  These can be very expensive, especially for someone without a secondary insurance.  Lucentis and Eylea cost around $2000 per injection.  The financial burden can be overwhelming.

The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation is dedicated to providing help and hope to underinsured patients who would otherwise be unable to afford high-cost specialty medications.

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