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Considered the "gold standard" in a group of anti-angiogenic drugs, Lucentis acts against the growth of the new blood vessels of wet or exudative macular degeneration. Nearly all patients (95 percent) treated with LUCENTIS maintained their vision in the Phase III clinical trials.
Vision improved by at least three lines (or 15 letters) on the study eye chart in up to 40 percent of these patients at one year.

One of the most exciting results of the trial showed that up to 40 percent of patients treated with LUCENTIS achieved vision of 20/40 or better. This is particular good news for those who were able to drive prior to an episode of wet AMD. There is hope that after treatment, many of them will be able to regain enough vision to return to driving.

Lucentis is injected into the eye on a monthly basis for best results. However, as doctors have gained more experience with the treatment, the timing can often be extended. Now, the average patient is expected to receive 5-7 injections in a year.





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